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Burn 2.4.1u

Burn 2.4.1u

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Burn Editor's Review

Burn is an Open Source CD/DVD burner which has built-in various burning capabilities.

The supported types for this application are Data, Audio, Video, and Copy. Every type has its own specific support and options.

The Data mode can use the HFS+, Joliet, UDF, Mac+PC, and DVD-Video file systems. The creation of the compilation is easy, either by dragging-and-dropping the files onto the application's window, or by using its file browser.

The Audio mode supports Audio CD and MP3 Disk modes. When trying to burn a MP3 Disk, if the audio files are not MP3, then the application can convert them into that file format. However, it doesn't give you any customization options for the encoding.

The Video mode support is quite good. You can choose between VCD, SVCD, DVD, and DivX. If the file doesn't have the right format, then the application converts it to the one that matches the selected profile. The transcoder doesn't give you the possibility to customize the encoding and the DVD engine lacks the support for menus.

The Copy mode can burn a DMG file. This mode doesn't provide you many options. It only provides you a browser for the source file and the possibility to mount the disk image.

Pluses: it gives you various burning options, it has decent features, it gives you the possibility to transcode the files that won't match the desired disc profile.

Drawbacks / flaws: the transcoders won't give you any customization options. Since this application uses Apple's burning framework, all the features won't be available for Mac OS X 10.3.9 users.

In conclusion: this is a pretty good and stable free tool. The burning support is well implemented.

version reviewed: 1.62u

Burn Publisher's Description

Burn is an application to burn most common disks: data disks, audio disks (mp3, audio cd), video disks (VCD, SVCD, DVD-Video, DivX), images and disk copy. Burn makes it easy for everyone to burn.

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